Best Baitcasting Rods for Bass

If you are a fan of fishing, you are probably aware of the different strategies and techniques that are used while fishing with baitcasting rods. These rods are much more than simple spinning rods and can make a huge change in your fishing experience.

Currently, there are plenty of options to choose from in the market. Choosing among the best baitcasting rods for bass isn’t an easy job.

There are many things that you need to consider before you buy a baitcasting rod.  In this article, we will discuss the top 10 baitcasting rods and their features with you.

As such, you will be able to understand what things you need to look for before investing in this important piece of equipment.Contentsshow

A Quick Overview: Top 10 Best Baitcasting Rods for Bass

  1. Daiwa Tatula Casting Rod – Premium training rod designed for you.
  2. KastKing Perigee II Fishing Rod – Multipurpose hybrid rod to provide value for your money.
  3. Entsport E Series – Camo Legend – Dual-tip rod to make your fishing experience convenient.
  4. Ugly Stik Elite Casting Fishing Rod – One of the strongest rods you can get.
  5. St Croix Mojo Bass Casting Rod – Highly responsive rod for all situations.
  6. St. Croix Rod Premier Casting Rod – Long and strong traditional rod.
  7. Okuma Longitude Surf Graphite Rods – High-quality graphite rod for long-lasting use.
  8. Abu Garcia Vengeance Casting Fishing Rod – A strong and durable rod.
  9. Berkley Cherrywood HD Casting Rod – The most attractive rod for anglers.
  10. KastKing Speed Demon Pro Bass Fishing Rods – The elite carbon rod.

Comparison of The Best Baitcasting Rods for Bass in 2021

Best Baitcasting Rods Reviews in 2021

Baitcasting rods are an important tool for all those who love fishing. With all the options available in the market, it can get difficult to choose one. When choosing the best baitcasting rods for bass, some basic factors you should keep in mind are comfort, durability, and functionality.

1. Daiwa Tatula Casting Rod – Premium Training Rod

The first on our list of best baitcasting rods for bass is Tatula Casting Rod that is made with a strong X45 Bias Graphite construction.

Daiwa Tatula Casting Rod

Daiwa Tatula Casting Rod is one of the most comfortable yet strong baitcasting rods you can use. The manufacturer is well-known for their amazing products.

Comfort: One of the reasons why so many people love this rod is that it is extremely comfortable and feels good in their hands. It is made from a high-quality Portuguese Cork that is free from deep pits that are usually there on the cheaper corks.

Durability: Durability is an important factor to consider so that your rod remains reliable and useful over time. These rods come with amazing X45 Bias Graphite construction with SVF (Super High-Volume Fiber) Carbon Technology that makes them even stronger.

Functioning: Unlike most rods, the Tatula Casting Rod is incredibly sensitive and makes it really easy to detect when a fish approaches you. Due to its super sensitive bite detection, it will alert you as soon as any fish comes nearby and is ready to be caught.

One of the reasons why we recommend this is that due to the Zero-G design, these rods are very lightweight and easy to handle.

If you are going fishing with your family, you can even teach your kids to handle it without any fear. It is perfect to carry along on long journeys. If you feel it’s getting dirty, then it is also extremely easy to clean.

  • Can be easily carried
  • Saves time and effort and does not let the fish getaway
  • Does not hurt hands to handle
  • Might get dirty easily but is easy to clean

We believe that the Tatula Casting Rod is an incredible option for anyone who is looking for a strong yet affordable fishing rod. It is ideal for your family trips as well as it is easy to carry and safe to use.

2. KastKing Perigee II Fishing Rods – Multipurpose Hybrid Rod

One thing that makes Perigee II two-piece fishing rods stand out from the other alternatives is their Toray 24-ton carbon matrix construction. These rods combine power, strength, and accuracy.

KastKing Perigee II Fishing Rods

This product is currently available in 29 different sizes. Whether you want to use them for bass fishing or saltwater fishing, they are a great choice.

There is absolutely no doubt about the quality of KastKing’s products. These can easily be counted as one of the best baitcasting rods for bass fishing.

Comfort: Perigee II Graphite Fishing Rods have made fishing easier than ever before, and that too at very affordable prices. These lightweight, compact and easy-to-handle rods allow you to enjoy fishing without feeling exhausted.

Durability: KastKing’s Perigee II Fishing Rods are one of the best products made using world-renowned Fuji O-Ring line guides.

They also have tuned, ergonomic, graphite high-strength reel seats. Moreover, all their rods have high-density EVA grips and Saf-T Keeper hooker holders.

Functioning: All their Perigee II products are made with special KastKing PTS (Power Transition System) hybrid spigot joints which aid in a smooth transition of power throughout the rod. They also use computerized technology to keep the power flowing.

We recommend these rods because one thing that makes them stand out is their attractive appearance. Regardless of which rod you choose according to your desired purpose, you will get the best experience ever.

  • High-quality Carbon blanks
  • High-density EVA grips and Saf-T keeper hooker holders
  • Ideal for both fresh and saltwater
  • Unique and attractive appearance
  • Such a wide range of products that it makes it difficult to make a choice.

These outstanding and powerful rods will take your fishing experience to the next level regardless of whether you go fishing in saltwater or freshwater. This versatility definitely makes it one of the best baitcasting rods for bass.

3. Entsport E Series Camo Legend – Dual-Tip Rod to Make Your Fishing Experience Convenient

This Entsport fishing rod is one of the most traditional and amazing rods. It comes with 2 tips which are medium and medium-heavy.

Entsport E Series Camo Legend

The two different tips make you feel as if you have two different rods, not one. You can use it for multiple purposes at the same time. Due to this, the rod provides amazing value for money as well as convenience.

Comfort: It is a lightweight product and yet has incredible overall strength because it is made using 24 Ton Carbon. The carbon fiber construction helps maximizes strength without making it heavy or affecting the sensitivity of the rod.

Durability: The product’s enhanced reel seat is made from corrosion-resistant aluminum hoods.

Moreover, the rod has corrosion-resistant guides which are ideally spaced to facilitate friction-free line flow. At the same time, they maximize casting performance and sensitivity.

Functioning: You can easily adjust your casting weight according to your needs and hence you do not have to carry additional rods while traveling. This makes it cost and time-efficient.

We like it because it has high-density EVA handles that add to its sensitivity as well as durability, while at the same time making it easier and more comfortable to handle.

The lightweight combined with a comfortable style helps ensure that you have fun while fishing instead of feeling exhausted.

  • Made with strong and structurally enhanced solid carbon fibers
  • Stainless and corrosion free body
  • Opened up ergonomically designed reel seats that help maintain direct contact with your fingers
  • Might be too professional for the beginners but it is easy enough to learn with time

It is an ideal rod for those who are regular in fishing. While the solid carbon fiber construction makes it powerful, the stainless-steel guides with ceramic inserts add to its durability and reliability.

Moreover, its unique design with extreme exposure reel seat makes it highly sensitive to catch any fish that might come near it.

4. Ugly Stik Elite Casting Fishing Rod – Elite Rod for Elite Fishers

When we talk about the best baitcasting rods for bass, we certainly cannot ignore the Ugly Stik Elite series. These fishing rods are among the strongest and most effective baitcasting rods mentioned here on our list.

Ugly Stik Elite Casting Fishing Rod

This newly designed Ugly Stik Elite Series fishing rod is constructed with 35 percent more graphite than its previous versions.

The use of graphite has made this rod even more lightweight without compromising on strength and toughness that the rod is known for.

Comfort: Their comfortable handles ensure that you enjoy your fishing experience without feeling tired or exhausted. Unlike most rods, this rod does not affect your skin and is easy to grip and use.

Durability: These rods are known for their cork handles and ugly tuff guides that make them durable and reliable in different situations.

Functioning: The Ugly Stik Rods not only have exposed blank style reel seats but also come with cushioned stainless steel hoods that keep the reel in place. The use of premium corks makes them safe as well as reliable and easy to use.

We recommend it because the rod’s fiberglass tip helps deliver extra strength whenever the need arises.

This means that you do not have to carry multiple rods and you can use this one rod at different times for different purposes.

  • Ugly Tech Construction using more high-quality graphite makes it light without compromising on strength
  • Exposed blank style reel seats are accompanied by cushioned stainless steel hoods
  • Premium cork grips with logo etched into handle make it more comfortable and easy to handle
  • Backed by an amazing 7-year warranty
  • Some users have had issues with guides not lined up properly as they are slightly right of the reel seat. However, this can be a problem caused at the time of delivery and is easily avoidable.

The Ugly Stik Elite Casting Rod is truly elite as its name suggests. It is for the fishing fans who do not want to compromise on their fishing experience.

5. St Croix Mojo Bass Casting Rod – Highly Responsive Rod for All Situations

If you are a fishing fan, then you must have heard of the St. Croix Casting Rods that have a 70 years history of serving people. Their rods are one of their kind and it is not fair to compare them with any ordinary rods available in the market.

St Croix Mojo Bass Casting Rod

If you are a serious angler who prioritizes efficiency and high-performance over everything else, then these rods are for you.

They come with high-modulus and high-strain graphite fiber. All their rods are lightweight and sensitive, yet strong and durable without a doubt.

Comfort: St Croix uses Advanced Reinforcing Technology (ART) and adds an exotic carbon fiber material to the rods.

This makes these rods more powerful without adding to their weight. It is for this reason that these rods have a slim-profile ferrule design and hence very comfortable to use.

Durability: Because they are constructed with Graphite and based on the IPC technology, these rods come with increased strength. They also have greater sensitivity and are highly durable for different circumstances.

Functioning: No matter whether the water is sweet or salty, or you’re moving or still, these rods are reliable and are designed to guarantee the best fishing results you can imagine.

We have added St Croix to the list because they are one brand that has revolutionized fishing. They have used science and research into their products and used Integrated Poly Curve (IPC) Tooling Technology.

  • St. Croix rods provide amazing, highly-responsive performance in all situations
  • These rods give you a sense of belonging to a celebrated tradition
  • With the use of SCIII graphite and IPC tooling technology, these rods are now not only stronger and accurate than before but also 15 times more light.
  • Slightly more costly than others but the features are worth the price.

St Croix Mojo Bass Rods are no doubt the best baitcasting rods for bass that you can get for fishing in any kind of environment.

If you are one of those people who prioritize quality over price, these rods are made for you.

6. St. Croix Rod Premier Casting Rod – Long and Strong Traditional Rod

This classic rod from St Croix is one of the best products they have made. As mentioned earlier, St. Croix products are one of a kind. Adding this rod will make your life easy and significantly impact your fishing experiences.

St Croix Rod Premier Casting Rod

These rods are capable of engineering various levels of power that you need in different situations at different times. There are no other rods that provide performance options to all anglers and fishing lovers.

Comfort: To provide the customers with an easy-to-handle and comfortable grip, the product’s cork handle makes sure people can grip whatever rod they use.

Durability: This rod also uses graphite for construction because it allows the rod to be stronger without making it heavier. It is an ideal choice for anglers who appreciate high performance above everything else.

Functioning: No matter if you are moving or still or you are fishing in the sweet or saltwater, these rods are designed to guarantee the best fishing results you can imagine. They will function even in the most difficult circumstances.

We love these rods as they are one of the oldest, strongest, and most widely used rods built in the traditional way. We highly encourage angle fishers to buy them.

  • Easy to handle
  • One of the signature products
  • You can perform a wide range of functions with it
  • Not so affordable and a bit difficult to handle for the beginners

If you are looking for a rod that is not only strong but also portable and performs a wide range of functions, then this rod is your way to go.

You can take it with you on your family trips and you do not even have to worry about the changing weather and temperatures. These rods are designed to perform even in the most difficult circumstances.

7. Okuma Longitude Surf Graphite Rod – The Safest Rod

The Okuma Longitude Surf Graphite Rod is an added luxury in the fishing experience. If you are a regular fish catcher, then you must add it to your kit of best baitcasting rods for bass.

Okuma Longitude Surf Graphite Rod

This rod is one of the safest options available to use. It is ideal for those who wish to take their children with them for fishing.

Comfort: The use of high-quality graphite makes it lightweight and comfortable despite being strong. You will not feel exhausted in handling it and even children and beginners can use it easily.

Durability: Like all the best rods, this rod is also constructed purely from graphite which makes it strong and powerful despite its lightweight and handy size.

Functioning: It is available in around five different lengths to cover your needs. If you are going fishing on a shore or in a narrow stream, the availability of different sizes will make your experience easy.

Not only you, but your younger family members can also learn and enjoy the art of fishing.

One thing we love about this rod is the level of safety. When it comes to taking children for fishing, safety can never be risked at any cost.

The same thinking has been kept in mind so that it does not bring any harm to anyone and cause an unpleasant event.

  • Easy to carry
  • Can be adjusted to different sizes
  • Functions and safety are interconnected
  • Multiple lengths and actions with comfort
  • The stainless steel has been framed to keep the running straight. The gets dirty while fishing but that can be cleaned easily and not a big issue.

We believe that Okuma Longitude Surf Graphite Rods is an easy-to-carry, luxury item with all the fundamental and exceptional features.

These can provide the best fishing experience while keeping safety as a priority. As such, it is the ultimate fishing solution for you as well as for your family.

8. Abu Garcia Vengeance Casting Fishing Rod – Strong and Durable Rod

These rods are made with high-quality graphite and come with a Texas-rigged hook keeper to further enhance your experience and make fishing much more fun.

Abu Garcia Vengeance Casting Fishing Rod

The usual problem with most fishing rods is that because of being lightweight, these rods are terribly brittle. This is not the case with these amazing quality rods.

Comfort: The grip is really comfortable and smooth especially when you get a large fish in your rod. It is made of high-quality material and versatile components.

Durable: The Abu Garcia Vengeance Casting Fishing Rod is made up of 24 ton of durable high modulus Graphite for a lightweight, responsive feel.

Other than that, the stainless steel has been framed for you with titanium to withstand heavy line pressure and prevent corrosion.

Functioning: To make the experience of fishing easier, the Texas-rigged hook keeper will provide you with a wide range of bait applications to experiment with.

We like and recommend these rods because of their Texas-rigged hook keeper. This is something rare that you will not find in most rods available. The unique combination of Graphite and Titanium is also not so common.

  • Special bait cast for on-water applications
  • 24-ton high Graphite for a pleasant experience
  • High standard handles for comfort and leverage
  • Relatively expensive but has great features.

This is really a strong rod to fight with the big fishes. We will strongly recommend it to the people who are fond of fishing and frequently go for it.

One thing that makes this rod unique is the interesting combination of different materials to create a strong and yet comfortable and easy-to-use rod that everybody can handle.

9. Berkley Cherrywood HD Casting Rod – Hybrid Design Rod

Being a huge fan and a regular fishing adventurer, you should be well equipped with the tools. Berkley Cherrywood is definitely one of the rods that will look great and help you as well in your fishing experiences.

Berkley Cherrywood HD Casting Rod

The thing we normally worry about is the material used and the design of a rod. In these rods, a hybrid design has been incorporated for unmatched sensitivity.

Comfort: It is tough yet easy-to-handle.  The best thing is the type of cork with more durability and strength designed specifically to handle more pressure.

Durability: The best material composition has been ensured and it resulted in around 20x more toughness than other traditional rods.

It has also been designed to be lighter than aluminum oxide rods. The weight of the hook, the length of the reel, and the spool has been designed in order to differentiate the catching experience.

Functioning: This entire check on every step in the production of this product is done so that the target can be caught easily while not losing the rod. You don’t need to worry about the handling of the rod and the rod itself.

We like this rod because of its distinguished hybrid design. Talking about the phenomenal experience providing tools, Berkley Cherrywood HD Casting Rod has been a game-changer for many people who love to go fishing regularly.

  • Highly unmatched quality of material
  • Tougher and light in weight
  • Cork handle design has been added for more comfortable experience
  • A complicated design yet you can learn with time.

We consider making very important as fishing is completely an adventure. If an adventurer is fond of doing something thrilling, then the best weapon is needed to make the adventure a success. Berkley Cherrywood HD Casting Rod fulfills actually what an adventurer wants from a fishing rod.

10. KastKing Speed Demon Pro Tournament Series Bass Fishing Rod – The Elite Carbon Rod

Finally, we have KastKing Demon Pro Rods on the list. These amazing rods are made with the highest quality carbon.

We highly recommend it as one of the best baitcasting rods for bass. Regardless of what your purpose is for fishing, it is worth investing in.

KastKing Speed Demon Pro Tournament Series Bass Fishing Rod

These rods are great for regular fishing. They come with high modulus 1 Pc blanks, Fuji guides, reel seats, and Winn grip.

Durability: Speed Demon Pro Rods are made using elite carbon blanks which help maximize power and strength without any addition to the weight.

They are 30 times stronger than the standard Graphite blanks. These proprietary blanks also come with added sensitivity that makes it even easier to catch fish.

Comfort: The Speed Demon Rods are made using the best Fuji guides and reel seats to keep the rod reels hold together. Moreover, they also come with a comfortable grip that makes the experience even better.

Functioning: The Speed Demon Pro Crankbait Rods are ideal for all those anglers who are seeking casts with small crankbaits. They are easy to use in multiple circumstances.

We love these rods because, like all KastKing products, Speed Demon Rods too use computerized technology to keep the power flowing.

This makes these rods even better for those who want to go fishing on a regular basis.

  • High quality carbon blanks
  • Ideal for both fresh and shell water
  • Unique and attractive appearance
  • Best Fuji guides and reel seats to keep the rod reels hold together
  • Such a wide range of products that it makes it difficult to make a choice.

KastKing is definitely one of those few names that are known for their quality products and efficiency.  The features you get are definitely worth the money that you may decide to spend.

What to Consider Before Buying a Rod?

Having seen these few best baitcasting rods for bass fishing available in the market, you should now learn how you can make an informed choice.

You should buy the rod that suits your needs in the best ways possible. This section serves as a guide for you before you invest your hard-earned money into these rods.

Best Baitcasting Rods

Action Vs Power

Before everything else, you must understand that action and power are not the same when it comes to fishing rods. Understanding the difference will help you a lot.

Put simply, power is the amount of pressure that is required to make the rod bend. The bigger the rod, the less pressure you can use, while a light power rod can enable you to use much more pressure.

This makes it obvious that ultra-light rods are the best option for small fish and finesse applications. On the other hand, heavy rods can often be really helpful in catching certain fish.

Slow Rods

The action of the rod is not so simple for everyone to understand. You have to consider certain things such as how swiftly can the rod bend and how far down can it go.

Slow action rods are often a better choice because of their ability to bend a lot, and they can roughly bend halfway down the blank.

The bad thing is that they are not too sensitive and sometimes it takes too long to feel the nibble. In contrast, fast action rods are a better choice for smaller fish and finesse angling.


Baitcasting Rods for Bass

In terms of material, Graphite is the best option to make rods more durable and powerful without adding extra weight. The best rods are those that use a combination of both graphite and fiberglass.

While the former provides strength and durability, the latter adds to the flexibility of the rods. Many of the quality rods mentioned above such as Daiwa, Berkley and St. Croix are using only Graphite in their products.

Your Purpose

Before you go out in the market or start looking up the reviews online, you must also have a clear purpose in mind.

There are different kinds of fishing rods available for different purposes and hence you must know what your expectations are.

If you are casually fishing just to spend time with family, then spending huge sums of money might not be a good option.

However, if you are a habitual or professional fisherman, then you should go for the rods with a maximum number of options. Moreover, you should also consider the weather conditions.

Pricing and Reviews

If you are new to fishing and you are confused about choosing the right rod, then you may want to read some blogs and read different reviews of the relevant products.

The products with the most number of reviews may not help you, but they may introduce you to all they need to know about fishing.

The best thing that you can do is get in touch with an expert in the field so that they can guide you better.

Moreover, it is important to keep your budget in mind and look at the options accordingly.

Frequently Asked Questions about Baitcasting Rods for Bass

Having introduced you to some of the best baitcasting rods, we feel that it is important to answer some questions that people usually have before buying these rods. The following information may help you choose the ideal rod for you.[sc_fs_multi_faq headline-0=”h3″ question-0=”

 What are baitcasting rods good for?” answer-0=”Baitcasting rods are longer than the basic spinning rods. They have a heavier gauge line and hence are ideal for casting long distances and catching larger fish such as Bass. ” image-0=”” headline-1=”h3″ question-1=”

 How long should a baitcasting rod be?” answer-1=”While everyone may have their own preferences based on their own needs and purpose, the most commonly used size according to the data is around 7’6.

Many people prefer longer lengths as they are believed to serve best for making longer casts and catch larger fish. However, as mentioned earlier, there are other factors as well that affect these things. ” image-1=”” headline-2=”h3″ question-2=” Do you need a special rod for a baitcasting?” answer-2=”A bait caster reel comes with a revolving spool that sits at the top of a casting rod. You are supposed to mount them on the casting rods and not spinning rods. Most of the casting rods and baitcasters are better for those who are regular in fishing and have some experience. ” image-2=”” count=”3″ html=”true” css_class=””]


In this article, we have reviewed some of the best baitcasting rods for bass that you can choose from. These range from easily affordable yet reliable rods to expensive ones as well.

We have shared a summary of the specifications and features of each of them so that you may decide what exactly you should buy according to your needs.

We believe that St Croix Mojo Bass Casting Rods is the best option if your budget allows it. An interesting combination of different materials has been used to create a highly functional and reliable rod.

If you want to look for a more affordable option, then the Tatula Casting Rod is an incredible option too.

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