Best Fishing Pole for Kids

There is no doubt that fishing is the best practice to spend quality time with your family. If your kids like fishing, then taking them to a small picnic is an extraordinary approach to spending some time together and to make life-long memories.

However, to do fishing you need skills and the right equipment. Kids cannot fish with adult rods and pole, and for that reason, we will guide you to choose the best fishing pole for kids.Contentsshow

Quick Overview – Top 10 Best Fishing Pole for Kids

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 Best Kids Fishing Pole Reviews in 2021

Let us review the above products and find out which features matter the most while picking a fishing pole and which product is suitable for you.

1. Lanaak Pink Fishing Pole – Easy-To-Carry

As the whole kit comes in pink, most girls will love to go for this one. The pink pole has almost 37-pieces of fishing gear in the kit. The kit has proper instructions for kids, videos, and a beginner’s guide.

The pink fishing pole belongs to the Lanaak group. They want their customers to have fun and to have a stress-free adventure.

Lanaak Pink Fishing Pole

Even the guide they provide is easy to read with diagrams including tips and tricks kids need to know before going to fish.

This simple-to-carry extended casting pole grows to 65-inches, collapses to 17-inches, and occupies next to no extra space.

It can be easily carried and the whole kit can be fitted under a car seat or even in your backpack. Moreover, they also have this rule to pay back customers if they are not satisfied.

Comfort – The Lanaak pink fishing pole comes with easy handling. They also have a hand net that provides you endless hours of entertainment. It has an easy cast, and the rod is reversible for kids who are left-handed.

Durability – The Lanaak pink fishing pole comes with a great deal. It is a perfect gift that someone gets to give to kids because it is strong, reliable, and easy to use.

Functioning – The kit incorporates a pink fishing supply container loaded with 2-gliding bobbers, 10-hooks, 10-split sinkers, 10-swivels, 2-jig heads, 6-plastic worms, and 1-crank bait lure. It is easy to use and handle.

Why We Like It – The reason we have chosen this is that the Lanaak fishing group has their priorities right; they know what customers value the most and what a fun trip must include. This fishing-pole kit has all the equipment that kids want.

  • Easy to use
  • Travel-friendly
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Open spinning reel

Lanaak pink fishing pole is easy to carry and handle. It comes with numerous equipment and has a fully loaded tackle box, but it might not be a good idea for those who are beginners as it has an open spinning real.

The spinning real might get tangled up, and you do not want to waste your kid’s time by untangling it the whole time.

2. PLUSINNO Kids’ Fishing Pole – Telescopic With Rubber Handles

If you are looking for a high-quality fishing pole that comes at a friendly price, then Plusinno fishing pole for kids has got your back.

It is the best size for kids; their small hands can easily grip the fishing pole. It is durable and also very attractive. It is very easy to carry and handle as it has a thumb click that switches on the fishing reel.

PLUSINNO Kids Fishing Pole

Plusinno kids’ fishing pole comes with an adjustable casting pole. It has a 3.9ft to 4.9ft fishing pole which is best for kids.

It is light in handling and easy to use for children ages 3 to 10. It further comes with a complete kit that has a telescopic rod, spin-cast, and traveling bag.

Comfort – The Plusinno pole has soft rubber handles so that kids can easily hold it. It is very light-weight and easy to carry and store with you. The fishing rod is also very flexible. This means there is no heavy load for your little one.

Durability – The fishing kit is very durable and also very good looking. A kid can easily learn fishing and make some good memories with it.

Functioning – Whether you know all about fishing or you are just beginning, the Plusinno fishing pole is very easy to function.

It is a light-weight rod that comes in different colors. Any important fishing gear required is provided by pulsing.

Why We Like It – It is great for kids to handle because the rods and pole are very soft and flexible. The kids will have a great time learning.

It has great quality and is very durable. To effectively handle the fishing line it also has a thumb switch.

  • Good quality
  • Soft and flexible handles
  • Durable
  • Good-looking
  • May pose some issues at first

Plusinno kids’ fishing pole is very durable because the pole is very soft and flexible, easy to use, and lightweight. Even the size is specially built for kids who are just learning to use the fishing pole.

Regardless of whether you are learning to fish or just looking to create some memories, this is the perfect choice for you and your kid.

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3. Youth Fishing Pole – Easy Storage and Travel

Youth fishing pole, which is lightweight and folds for simple stockpiling or travel, is another product by the brand Plusinno.

It has an appropriate size for little hands, can be utilized with children’s other fishing items, and is ideal for young boys and girls.

Youth Fishing Pole

The Plusinno casting rod has a handle that fits easily in a youngster’s little fingers and winds for recovering the line.

The youth fishing pole has a spin cast fishing reel that also includes a vital fishing box and is very lightweight.

It can be folded for simple stockpiling and travel. It has an extraordinary starter casting rod for a kid. You can also place it in your backpack as it is easy to fold.

Comfort – It is a lightweight pole ideal for fishing, including trout fishing in little springs. It has an easy-to-handle pole that can be controlled by your kid easily.

The bar is 3.94ft long and 2.2oz heavy. The adaptive structure of the rod makes it simple to carry and store.

Durability – Plusinno’s main objective is to make the experience of fishing memorable. The products are very durable and strong. The fishing pole is solid and sturdy.

Functioning – It is great for small hands; the fishing pole is very soft and easy to carry. The pole is of a decent length for a child. Everything fits in the fishing supply bag – even the pole!

Why We Like It – A kid’s first fishing trip is energizing for both the parent and the youngster. A reasonable casting rod for kids is extremely important.

Here is an appropriately-sized casting rod for your children, which is also very friendly to carry and comes at a good price. The youth fishing pole makes the activity easy and enjoyable.

  • Perfect length for a kid
  • Strong and durable
  • Low price
  • The reel is made out of plastic

On the off chance that you are searching for a fishing pole that will not use up every last cent to get your child amped up for fishing, this is the ticket.

The shaft and reel are of extraordinary quality and helpful as they are accompanied by a fishing line, bait pack, and the greatest part of all is that they come with a conveying case.

4. LEO Kids’ Fishing Pole – Budget-Friendly With Light Portable Telescope

The adjustable casting rod is intended for kids and beginners. This fishing pole includes a casting rod, spin-cast reel with line, a tackle box with all the essential fishing accessories, and a travel sack which makes it simple to convey and store.

LEO kids’ fishing pole promotes a sound adventure for your family, yet it makes fun and long-lasting memories.

LEO Kids’ Fishing Pole

LEO is committed to producing great quality for less money. The LEO kids’ fishing pole has an incredible conveying case for everything – draws, snares, pole, reel, and so on. It is very easy to use and carry around.

Comfort – A grown up’s device can be unreasonably complicated for your child to manage. This fishing pole is built considering kids. These fishing poles for children are anything but difficult to collect and much simpler to utilize.

Durability – The pole has an entirely solid and steady rod. A child can, without much of a stretch, get the hang of fishing and gain some great experiences.

Functioning – These casting poles are specially built for children so that they can have more fun while catching fish.

Why We Like It – Kids can learn so much from fishing. For example, patience, confidence, strength, balance, and coordination. This LEO fishing pole has all the features that you might be looking for.


  • Designed for beginners
  • Easy to carry and store
  • Easy to assemble


  • Average quality

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LEO kids’ telescopic fishing pole is intended for kids and amateurs. These casting poles are specially built for kids. If you are looking to spend more time with your kids and family, then LEO kids’ telescopic fishing pole has your back.

5. Lanaak Kids’ Fishing Pole – Loaded Tackle Box With Hand Net for Catching Bait

This is another product by Lanaak which is anything but difficult to convey because it can collapse to 17-inches. Furthermore, it is incredible for an assortment of ages as it can extend to 65-inches.

The kit includes a fishing supply container loaded with snares, bobbers, sinkers, turns, plastic worms, and crankbait.

No further shopping is required. They also have a hand net that provides an endless supply of entertainment.

Lanaak Kids’ Fishing Pole

Everything is stored flawlessly in the convey bag which can fit in a knapsack or under the seat of your vehicle. It has a simple-to-cast, reel-highlight press button structure.

The reel shows up pre-spooled, and thus no gathering is required. The stacked tackle box accompanies 2-gliding bobbers, 10-snares, 10-split sinkers, 10-turns, 2-dance heads, 6-plastic worms, and 1-crankbait lure.

Comfort – The Lanaak casting rod can be fitted under a vehicle seat or even in your backpack. It additionally has a hand net that gives you unlimited long periods of fun and amusement.

It has a simple cast, and the pole is reversible for children who are left-handed. It has simple-to-cast reel highlights press button structure. The reel shows up pre-spooled, no gathering is required.

Durability – It is an ideal blessing that somebody gets the chance to provide for kids since it is solid, dependable, and simple to use.

Functioning – The closed-face, spin-cast reel shows up pre-spooled with 200 feet of an 8-lb test line, and the built-in press button projecting framework makes it simple for everybody.

The kit includes a fishing supply container loaded with snares, bobbers, sinkers, turns, plastic worms, and crankbait.

Why We Like It – Lanaak fishing group have their priorities set right. They recognize what their clients want the most, and they realize what a fun outing must incorporate. This casting rod pack has all the gear that children need.


  • Good packaging
  • Very light to handle


  • Confusing instructions

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Lanaak kids fishing pole is anything but difficult to convey and deal with. It is accompanied by numerous equipment and has a completely stacked fishing supply container. It is very lightweight and a kid can easily handle it.

6. Kids’ Fishing Gear – Non-slip EVA Handle

This is another product by Plusinno. It is a finished pack with an adjustable fishing rod. The delicate casting pole is quite flexible.

They have 3.9ft and 4.9ft lightweight casting rods for kids to pick. Plusinno’s kids’ fishing rod and baits are manufactured specifically for such little hands.

Kids’ Fishing Gear

In Plussino’s fishing pole combination, you can get all that you need in one simple-to-convey bundle. Ideal for a first fishing trip, this Plusinno combination has everything that you might need.

It is lightweight and thus makes it simple for any kid to handle and carry it. It also comes with a handy bag and a tackle box.

Comfort – It is a lightweight pole that is ideal for fishing. It is great as a good beginner’s fishing pole, and it comes with all the instructions needed to operate it.

Durability – It is very sturdy and comes in good quality. It has a telescopic rod and is very easy to set up.

Functioning – Regardless of whether you thoroughly understand fishing or are simply starting, the Plussino casting rod is exceptionally simple to work.

It is a lightweight rod that comes in various colors. It has a movable casting pole, a satchel, and a significant gear is given by pulsing.

Why We Like It – It is a non-slip, plastic hooded, lightweight, durable, and quite a good-looking fishing pole that one can easily use even if they are a beginner.


  • Good for beginners
  • Easy to handle
  • Non-slip


  • The reels can get damaged if handled roughly

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Plusinno has unique children casting poles and adult gears of fishing. The Plusinno kids’ fishing gear is truly strong and is made for kids because it is delicate and adaptable, simple to use, and extremely light in weight.

Indeed, even the size is particularly for children who are simply figuring out how to use a fishing pole.

7. LEO Lightweight Kids’ Fishing Pole – Easy to Assemble and Use

This is another product by LEO that has an adjustable rod for fishing, spinning roll, and fishing tackle. It is mainly built keeping youth in mind. This fishing set is very handy for kids.

LEO Lightweight Kids’ Fishing Pole

LEO aims to deliver products of great quality for less cash. The case has an incredible amount of space for everything including draws catches, shafts, and reels. It is exceptionally simple to utilize and heft around.

Comfort – Grown up’s equipment of fishing can give a hard time to your kid. Instead, this kit has a casting rod and draws that are made especially for youngster’s little hands so that they can carry it with more comfort.

 Durability – The pole is entirely solid and steady. A child can, without much of a stretch, get the hang of fishing and gains some great experiences.

Functioning – These casting poles are built for children so that it is not difficult for them to use the fishing rod.

Why We Like It – Kids can gain so much from fishing. For example, patience, confidence, strength, balance, and coordination. LEO fishing pole has all the extended features that you might be looking for.


  • Easy to handle
  • Simple features


  • No given instructions for setup

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LEO kids’ telescopic fishing pole is intended for kids and youth fishing. They take great care of their customers, but this fishing kit does not come with instructions, so it will be harder for beginners to use it and fix it.

8. Fishing Pole for Kids – Lightweight Rod Especially for Children

This kids’ pole has fishing reels that can expand up to 65-inches and fold to 14-inches. It is a lightweight fishing rod specifically for children to be able to hold.

Fishing Pole for Kids

Play22 fishing pole for kids includes a fishing tackle, nets, carryon pack, and all the equipment that is needed for fishing both for little girls and boys. It is made of very nice quality.

Comfort – This fishing pole for kids is specially designed in such a way that kids can learn how to fish. It is a lightweight pole ideal for fishing. It is very easy to carry and store with you. The fishing rod is very flexible.

Durability – The product is good when it comes to comfort and ease as it is manufactured while keeping kids in mind, but the durability is just average and not much reliable.

Functioning – It can grow to 65-inches and fold down to 14-inches. It functions well in the hands of kids. The fishing pole is a decent length for a child. Everything fits in the included fishing supply bag.

Why We Like It – The fishing pole kit comes with many accessories that can make a kid’s day. This casting rod pack has all the gear that children need.

Your children can undoubtedly deal with and use it while you will likewise appreciate the time without stressing.


  • Good for beginners
  • Easy to handle
  • Light-weight


  • Average quality

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This kids’ fishing pole is a lightweight fishing rod specifically for children to be able to hold easily. The fishing rod is very flexible.

As it is lightweight, there is no heavy load for your little one to carry. But the quality of the product is not satisfactory, which can be a major turn-off for all the buyers.

9. ODDSPRO Kids’ Fishing Pole – More advanced and User-Friendly

ODDSPRO kids’ fishing pole is an all-in-one fishing pole that has a fishing line and a tackle box.

It also has different collections of crankbaits, float bobbers, jig heads, and all the other accessories that one needs to start their fishing adventure.

ODDSPRO Kids’ Fishing Pole

This product is ideal for small hands. In any event, you can let your kids play in the water without dropping their fishing pole. The rod is manufactured with soft EVA and plastic that makes it strong enough to hold but also soft to carry.

Comfort – ODDSPRO fishing unit accompanies everything that a kid needs to start their experience with fishing.

It is additionally intended to be straightforward and simple to use for kids that are simply beginning or for those who have been previously involved in fishing. It is constructed with soft EVA that helps in easy holding and gripping.

Durability – ODDSPRO portable telescopic fishing rod includes a folding plan which makes it convenient to carry alongside you.

A blue pack likewise makes it simple to convey the shaft and its various adornments and shields it from getting harmed.

Functioning – It is an all-in-one fishing kit, with a fishing line and supply container including a choice of crankbaits, skim bobbers, jig heads, delicate draws, turns, and sinkers that fit a scope of various fishing situations. A convey sack is likewise advertised.

Why We Like It – It is more developed than other reel alternatives yet is simple to utilize. The pole accompanies a fishing supply container that has everything that you need to begin and give your kids the perfect opportunity to catch a fish.


  • User-friendly
  • All-in-one fishing kit


  • Expensive

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The rod has an EVA handle that makes it convenient to hold. It is additionally intended to be straightforward and simple to use for kids. It is best for beginners and it is more advanced than other products on the list.

10. PLUSINNO Kids’ Fishing Pole – Soft and Flexible

This Plusinno fishing pole is so soft and flexible that after using this, kids will cherish each moment spent. It comes with an adjustable fishing rod and flexible strings so that kids do not get it all tangled in their first practice.

PLUSINNO Kids’ Fishing Pole

A delicate casting pole that is soft, adaptable, and flexible. For almost every kid, a fishing pole that is 4ft or 5ft long would be great.

This fishing kit includes various 4ft or 5ft lightweight casting rods for youngsters to pick from.

Comfort – This fishing kit for kids accompanies everything they require for fishing for the first time. The kit is accompanied by a pole, reel, and a pleasant collection of snares, loads, dances, and draws. It is also easy to carry.

Durability – This fishing unit is truly tough and excellent-looking. Kids can easily handle the fishing pole without having a hard time.

Functioning – Plussino fishing rod is very easy to use. Kids who are beginners can easily learn fishing by using this fishing pole.

Why We Like It – It is easy to use and to carry. It comes with great quality just like other Plussino fishing kits.


  • Good quality
  • Soft handles
  • Easy to carry


  • The reels can get damaged if handled roughly

Get It Now on Amazon

Just like other products of Plussino, this one also comes in great quality and is user-friendly. It is non-slip, plastic-hooded, lightweight, durable, and user-friendly.

What You Should Be Looking For?

After discussing almost every aspect of fishing poles for children, we hope that you are now able to choose what is best for your children.  Now let us highlight those points that you must be looking for.

Best kids fishing pole

Good Quality:

The fishing pole for your kids must have good quality and be durable as these are the key features that matter the most in the end.

Using a perfect quality tool while catching a fish would double the experience for your kids because it will be smoother and more convenient to use.

Comfort Level:

You need to understand that your kid’s comfort comes first, and for that reason, you should look for fishing kits that are easy to handle, do not require a lot of effort, and ones that can make your kid’s experience enjoyable too.

The fishing pole should be safe and also easy to play with. The fishing kit should be lightweight so that those tiny hands can manage it easily.


The kit should be budget-friendly. There is no doubt that the more expensive the kit is the more pleasurable it will be. But sometimes that is not true.

You should know how to compare prices and match them with your budget before buying a fishing pole.

There are many kits that are of great quality and have affordable prices, then there are those kits that are expensive but they get broken as soon as you start having fun. So make a wise investment.

Easy to Carry:

This is a very significant point that you should consider before buying your kid a fishing pole. This is because when you travel, you need to make sure that the kit that you are buying is flexible and can be folded up.

If your kit can be folded, then you can easily put it under your car seat and have a good trip. But if it is not flexible enough and it cannot get folded, then your trip can get messy.

Simple to Use:

Another important point is to get a fishing pole that is easy to use and understand. Especially if your kid is a beginner, then it is important that the pole should be simple enough for them.

It should not be complex or high-tech like an adult’s fishing gear because kids will not be able to understand the features.

Key Features That You Should Check Before Buying:

The Rod’s Weight

As we are in search of a fishing pole for your kids, you need to get a fishing pole that suits your kid’s strength.

It should be conceivable to cast the line with one hand and keep up control without causing any trouble.

If the fishing rod is too heavy for your kid, then it will not fun for your kid. Moreover, it can also be dangerous if the kid cannot control the weight.

The Quality of the Product

None of those extra features mean anything if the pole does not last. Without a doubt, kids grow up fast, yet the best fishing rod can be with them for a couple of years.

The fact that water has all kinds of chemicals in it, and as kids use these products roughly, you need to make sure that it is durable enough.

Easy to Handle

There are different issues your kid may experience. For instance, you have most likely reviled at a tangled reel more than once.

Accordingly, a knot-free reel is worth the slight additional expense. Fishing ought to be fun, and a tangled mess can ruin your day with your family.

Likewise, reels with one-button discharge activity make casting a lot simpler. Therefore, you should look out for these features to guarantee that you can train your kid to fish with ease and fun.

Best Fishing Pole for Kids (FAQs)

Before buying a fishing pole there are many questions that people ask so we feel that you should know their answers too; it will help you in decision making.[sc_fs_multi_faq headline-0=”h3″ question-0=”

 Does the fishing pole fit in the bag? ” answer-0=”Yes, it does. The fishing pole comes with a complete package. It has a bag where you can keep all of your fishing equipment and carry it along. ” image-0=”” headline-1=”h3″ question-1=”

 Where do I find instructions if they are not mentioned?” answer-1=”If you cannot find instructions in your kit, then try searching it on YouTube as it has complete guide videos of how to use a fishing pole.” image-1=”” headline-2=”h3″ question-2=”

 How do I know which kit belongs to kids?” answer-2=”Every kit has a different age group; you can ask your seller before purchasing it. But kids’ fishing poles are comparatively smaller in size and lighter in weight. ” image-2=”” count=”3″ html=”true” css_class=””]


Getting the correct casting rod for your kid’s ability level is a good method for fishing safety. For whatever length of time, make sure that you pick the correct area and watch out for the little fisher so that it is a safe adventure.

Make sure to never let kids get too close to the water. Remember that kids should not fish where there are huge fish as they might maneuver them into the water. Be aware of the area and the draws on your kid’s casting rod and it will be fine.

Be available and help your children with their problems. Likewise, it is ideal to show them earlier on what to do in the event of a battle.

This guide gives you detailed reviews about each product as a fishing pole for your kid.

Now we can choose the best one out of all 10 and that is – the ODDSPRO kids’ fishing pole as it is user-friendly and more advanced than Plussino or LEO’s products. It is straightforward and simple to use for kids that are simply beginning.

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