How to Oil a Spinning Reel – A Beginner’s Guide

Fishing is counted among the most charming and fun hobbies today. If you are actively involved in fishing, you would be aware of spinning reels.

And if you’re committed to the hobby, then you’d know spinning reels should be efficiently cleaned and managed much like the numerous other parts of a fishing rod.

How to Oil a Spinning Reel

If you are a beginner, you may need to learn the different techniques to keep your spinning reel going.

Maintenance of your spinning reel, including washing and oiling it up, is essential to enhance its functioning. That’s why you should know how to oil a spinning reel.

If you don’t give attention to the upkeep of this tool, it won’t last long. Most of all, fishing hobbyists who ignore the crucial tasks of oiling and cleaning the reel will most likely have hopeless results when they fish.

This is why we have compiled these clear and easy-to-follow directions. This is all you need to know about cleaning and oiling your spinning reel to extend its life and achieve great outcomes each time you use it.Contentsshow

Cleaning The Reel Properly

Cleaning and oiling of the reel are fundamental, easy, and quick methods to maintain a rod that is ideal for catching fish.

It doesn’t generally take a lot of your time to impeccably clean and finely-oil your spinning reel. But you do get the best fishing experience in return.

A well-kept reel comes with the guarantee of an easy yet energizing fishing experience.

It is critical to keep the turning reel outdoors after it has been washed, to eliminate all the dampness that’s left in it.

Keeping a reel inside without proper drying will harm the reel. Even if you skip oiling for a few days, washing the reel must be done after each use.

This would clean off all the fragments and salt which is trapped in the reel when you’re fishing.

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Oiling The Reel

Many spinning reels that we see in the markets today are manufactured with metallic substances. Their makers claim these products aren’t prone to rust and customers don’t need to bother with frequent maintenance.

oiling the reel

Nonetheless, all hardware and tools need maintenance, particularly when they are subjected to heat, liquids, and moisture.

This is why oiling is the first and probably the finest way to fix and maintain such equipment. You can easily envision better outcomes when you continue to take care of your reels by oiling them.

Although there are numerous approaches to treating the spinning reels with oil, the following is our well-researched and tested guide to doing so.

After you are done with perusing our directions, you’ll without any doubt acknowledge how simple and speedy it is to oil a spinning reel.

Collect Tthe Required Oiling Supplies

Before you begin greasing up your spinning reel, you should first gather all the necessary oiling materials.

You’ll have to arrange a good-quality reel cleaning oil (ones specialized for metal would be great), a small-sized screwdriver (preferably flathead), a few paper towels or cloth to tidy up the mess you might make,

A bottle of isopropyl alcohol (commonly known as rubbing alcohol) and a few Q-tips. You may skip the last two items but using them makes the process more efficient.

Just be cautious when you’re choosing the items required to look after your spinning reel.

Try not to incorporate gasoline while setting up the required oiling supplies, since it can melt the parts which are made of plastic. Instead, eco-friendly items or isopropyl alcohol ought to be utilized.

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Set Up The Place Where You’d Work

Prepare an area that is potentially the best-lit in your house, and turn it into your workspace. Place a tidy fabric on a firm, even surface so you can get going with your reel’s oiling process.

Pick The Right Lubricant

It is essential to select a lubricant that is suitable for oiling this tool. Such oils can be obtained from shops that vend fishing tools and supplies.

Talk to the shopkeeper, ask for their advice, and purchase the most suitable option. In some cases, companies that produce spinning reels include oil in the package so the customer can easily utilize it for oiling their product.

How to oil a spinning reel – Step by Step

Step: 1

After you’ve set up the materials required for oiling, the very first stage is to take the spool off the reel by rotating its knob. Consider doing so in a clockwise fashion for it will be quicker that way.

If you have a reel equipped with a back drag, its spool assemblies can be opened by pressing its release button. This step opens the inner zone of the reel.

Step: 2

Now check for any damage inside the spool once its assemblies are opened. It is preferable if this examination is carried out in a sufficiently lit space.

This will also permit you to look at the damage surrounding the lip of the spool. Usually, if the spool lips are harmed, it makes the reel hard during fishing.

Step: 3

If no damage is accounted for in the reel, you can utilize some alcohol and q-tips to clean it up. To do so, plunge the cotton swab into isopropyl alcohol and clean the external part.

Tidy up the extra oil, and expel any unwanted fragments that may be trapped there. Then wipe the assembly line with the aid of a q-tip, and take it inwards if cleaning is required.

Rub alcohol further if some corrosion has occurred, and try to shove it out of the reel.

Bear in mind, do not use a material that might ruin your reel. Isopropyl alcohol is the best choice of cleaning supply in this regard.

This cleaning step is taken before greasing the reel since it leads to better results of the oiling.

Step: 4

Then understand which segments of the reel are to be greased up with oil. Reel parts which must be subjected to oiling include line roller assembly, gear bearings and assembly of bail arm.

Conditional to the kind of reel you’re working with, there may be other areas that require oiling.

You can put a few drops on the areas directly or use a q-tip to smoothly grease up the parts.

Omitting one of these parts may lead to deterioration in its physical condition and may negatively affect the functioning of the reel.

Step: 5

Now it’s time for oiling the roller assembly which is responsible for the reel’s movement. Subsequent to washing the reel, you are required to apply some oil on the spool assembly.

It is sensible if you regularly do this because it ensures that the fishing line comes out and moves with ease.

Oiling also wards off the rust, together with preventing unwanted fragments from getting stuck to the reel.

Step: 6

Next, apply some oil upon its bail joint. Subsequently, move it a few times to guarantee the oil reaches equally all over the joint.

Step: 7

Then, take the oil inside the gear bearing which can be seen easily and enables the handle of the reel to rotate.

You may come across various types of reels in the market so if you possess one that has multiple gear bearings, grease every one of them.

Afterward, drop a tiny amount of oil on the screw. Then, pivot the bail joints a few times once again.

Step: 8

The next step is to dribble just a little oil on the reels, just so it remains somewhat greasy and doesn’t halt during rolling. If you put a single drop over it, it won’t lead to corrosion or tears at all.

Step: 9

To achieve smooth performance, oil the arm and wipe it gently using a piece of fabric to remove any additional grease over it.

Step: 10

Then, oil the knob on the spinning reel’s handle. If it has an open structure, then apply on both sides and turn it once or twice.

Lastly, leave it aside for about half an hour so the parts fully take in the oil.

Points to note

Not all portions of a spinning reel should be bothered with oiling. Rather than using oil, they should be greased a little.

The segments that require slight greasing are the spinning reel’s principal shaft, the drag knob, and the knob seal.

Another thing to be careful about is never to utilize any degreaser when you’re oiling the reel, since it may lead to untimely abrasion on the reel’s internal parts.


Now that we’ve guided you thoroughly, oiling a spinning reel shouldn’t be difficult for you anymore. So there’s no need to stress over the mechanics and technicalities of your reel, now that you know how to oil and maintain it.

We recommend that you take out a few minutes at the end of every week to oil your spinning reel.

Performing these errands with devotion will lead to a great fishing experience, and even better – you won’t have to buy another one any time sooner.

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