How to Put Line on a Spinning Reel – 8 Simple Steps

Spinning Reel is primarily beneficial for beginners in the fishing journey. Besides this, it has many advantages. One of the first-rate features is that it will allow you to through lures or baits at a farther distance.

But you have a milestone to achieve first!

How to put line on a spinning reel properly is the first step to having successful fishing. If you do it wrong you may be left with tangled lines. Hence, your fishing journey will suffer a lot.

How to Put Line on a Spinning Reel

But why are we here for?

We have put together a comprehensive guide for you to learn. And we have made it a lot easier by presenting you with a step by step guide. And that may be a lot to take in but stick around you need to unveil the truth!Contentsshow

Before we start let’s have a brief look, which apparatus is required for putting a line on a spinning reel.

  • Spinning Reel is a tool which is fixed to the spinning rod. They are generally considered great for throwing small baits.
    And there are different varieties available in the market according to its function and significance. Mostly spinning (fixed spool) reel is used for fishing because it uses lighter baits and easy handling.
  • Rod is equipped with guides. Fishing lines cross through its guides to avoid twisting. And you ought to choose the rod which contains more guides.
  • The line is also known as the fishing line. That’s the most important tool for fishing itself. You must be wise while choosing the line.
    As that’s the strand that makes a connection between you and fish. There are different types of fishing lines available in the market. But to be brief, mostly two types are common.
  • Monofilament Line: It is made from a single fiber or nylon line. And has a small diameter. Mostly in fishing monolines are used.
    As these are cheap and easy to produce. One of the features of the monofilament line is that it provides large tensile strength. And mono lines profile a wide range of colors.
  • Braided Line: A primitive type of line but still popular in fishing. It is made of several smaller fibers tangled around.
    And has a larger diameter compared to monolines and provides less stretch. If you want to catch larger fish then the braided line is recommended.

You can always check the line capacity mentioned on the reel. So, in order to make the lining properly, you need to pay attention to that.

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Required Tools:

  • Electrical Tape: Electrical tape or any sticker which is used to cover the knot. A knot is covered so that it may not slip on the spinning reel.
  • Towel or any rough Cloth: Not necessarily required. But for your safety, you can use a towel or any clothing in order to prevent finger injury.
  • Screwdriver is needed to support the spool while wrapping around a spinning reel.
  • Scissor is used to cut the line after knot or when you finish wrapping.

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8 Simple Steps on How To Put Line on a Spinning Reel

Now that you have come through all the basic tools and completed all the requirements. Let’s discuss some easy steps on how to put a line on a spinning reel.

Step 1: Place Spool Facing its Label Upside

You have to place the spool facing its label upside and then start wrapping. The reason for that is the line from the spool will come rolling clockwise.

And it will also match the direction of the spinning reel. So, the right direction of the line will further eliminate the chances of tangling.

Step 2: Start from Opening the Bail

Now, this is the part where most of the people start making mistakes before even starting. Before doing anything you need to make sure that you open the bail. If you don’t open it then you will not be able to roll the line over the reel.

Step 3: Tie the Line around Reel

The next thing you need to do is to tie the line to reel itself. First, uncoil the spool 10-15 ft long. You simply have to loop the line around the reel.

Put Line on a Spinning Reel

And then you will make a regular overhand knot twice. Make sure you tied it nicely! Then what are you going to do is to cut the tag end line to knot as close as possible.

Step 4: Using Electrical Tape or Small Sticker on Knott

Here is the deal, most reels come with rubbers around them in order to prevent line tangling. But in case you don’t find any of that, then don’t worry! We have a little trick for you to make it work.

You simply need an electrical tape or a small sticker to locate right above the knot. What it is going to do is, it will keep the line tight to the spinning reel. Some modern reels come with furrows to tie the knot so that it may not slip.

Step 5: Winding the Line on Spinning Reel

So you have all set up nicely till now. In order to wind up the line, hold it with your hands along the rod. But don’t use your fingers! As the fishing line may burn your fingers.

Instead,  you can use a towel in order to make it work safely. And put a gentle tension on the line to stop any chances of twisting.

Step 6: Wrap the Line Fully, Leaving a Tiny Little Gap

Now, put the line on the spinning reel, slowly and nicely. Crank until you have fully wrapped it, leaving just a little gap between the lips of the reel.

You should leave the gap on top of the reel and between the line about 1/8″ to 1/16″. This will ensure that the line is neither under wrapped nor overlapped.

Step 7: Warm Water Glass Trick

We have a little hack or trick for you that most professionals also use. You might be aware of it or not, monofilament nylon fishing lines contain some memory regarding how these were wrapped.

So, coming from the bigger sized spool to your smaller reel spool size may emerge the chances of its tangling.

In order to prevent that, all you need to do is just take a glass full of warm water. You don’t need that really hot, like to the point of boiling but at moderate temperature.

Now, what will you do is, just unmount the spinning reel by a screw-driver or your hands. And then place it in the glass of warm water for about 5 to 10 minutes. This will ensure that the line is securely winded around the spinning reel.

Step 8: Thread Your Line Through Guides of the Rod and You are Done!

After dipping your spinning reel in the water now mount it back to its place. And in the last but not the least, here comes the part when you align the line through guides.

And finally, now is the time when you will choose your favorite lure and mine some fishes!


After reading all of the above easy steps guide we hope now you will be able to spoon a spinning line. Most people find it complicated but in fact, it is not. All you need to do is to focus on the key steps mentioned above and you are all set.

The step where people most commonly are lacking is choosing the right direction of the spool. And the other one is putting gentle pressure on the line while wrapping.

To put a line on a spinning reel is easier than you think. Once you have done it nicely then you can do it again easily whenever you need it.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Here you go with the most common questions that people ask.[sc_fs_multi_faq headline-0=”h4″ question-0=”

 Can we wrap too much line on the spinning reel?” answer-0=”If you put too much line on the reel then there is a great chance that line will jump off from the coil. Always leave a gap of about 1/8″ to 1/16″.” image-0=”” headline-1=”h4″ question-1=”

 How often should fishing lines be replaced?” answer-1=”Although, it is recommended that you should change them twice a year. But you can also use them for longer periods if the condition is good.” image-1=”” headline-2=”h4″ question-2=”

 Which spinning reel is the best?” answer-2=”Here are best rated in 2020
● Pflueger President Spinning Reel.
● Abu Garcia Revo SX Spinning Reel.
● Daiwa BG Spinning Reel.
● Okuma Ceymar Lightweight Spinning Reel. ” image-2=”” headline-3=”h4″ question-3=”

 What is the easiest fishing reel?” answer-3=”You can go for Spincasting reels as they are really easy to operate and simple enough to learn on. And they are less expensive too.” image-3=”” headline-4=”h4″ question-4=”

 Snipping reel not reeling In?” answer-4=”There can be two possible reasons for this
● Tangled Line
● Cast-bail may be tilted to an angle” image-4=”” count=”5″ html=”true” css_class=””]

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